05 April 2013

Google Adsense Account Approvement Tips And Requirements

Adsense Approvement Tips The Number Of Peoples Working And Earning Online Is Increasing Day By Day. When We Come To Earning From Blog's. There Are Many Ways To Earn From Your Blog. There Are Many Companies Providing Ads Displaying Services. Like Adbrite, Infolinks, Speedy Ads Etc. But, The Best Source Of Earning From Blog Is Showing Adsense Ads On Your Blog. Because Adsense Is Owned By Google And They Pay High Amount. When Readers Click On That Ads. Google Pays You Money. Bloggers Can Apply For Google Adsense. But, If Your Blog Don't Comply With The Requirements. Google Will Deny Your Request. In The Begining, Getting Adsense Account Was Easy. But Now Google Has Made Their Rules And Regulations More Strict. Because Of Some Reasons. Specially Its Rules Are More Strict In Asian Countries, Like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China And Other. We Will Explain Why Google Will Deny Your Application For Adsense. We Will Also Explain Why Google Can Block Your Approved Adsense Account And How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account. We Will Explain Requirements Told By Google.

Requirements For Getting Approved Adsense For Your Blog

Requirements Are Already Told By Google. But We Are Explaining Those Requirements In Easy Words. So, You Can Understand Easily. Requirements Are Described In Categories Below.

1. Blog

For Applying Adsense Account. You Must Have A Blog. Your Blog Should Be Well Established. Especially, If You Are Asian. Then Your Blog Should Be At Least 6 Monthes Old. Then, There Will Be Chances Of Getting Approved Your Application. In Europian Countries, A New Blog Can Have Adsense Ads On It. If You Dont Have Blog/Website. Use Blogger Platform.

2. Content

Your Blog Must Have Original Content. Because Google Dosen't Accept's Application. If Your Blog Has Copied Content. I Will Advice You, In 6 Monthes Of Esablishment Of Your Blog. Write Unique And Great Content. Below Are Some Topics, On Which Your Blog Shouldn't Have Content Inside It.

  • Copyrighted Material
  • Drug, Alchohol And Tobacco-Related Content
  • Violent Content
  • Gambling Content
  • Wepon Related
  • Hacking Or Cracking Content
  • Sensitive Content
  • Adult Content
  • Illegal Content
If Your Blog Has Content Related To Above Topics. Then Your Application Will Not Be Acceptable.

3. Rankings & Traffic

Your Blog Should Have High Rankings. Such As Alexa And Google Page Rank. Your Blog Should Have More And More Traffic. Because, If You Have More Readers. Your Pageviews Will Increase. When Your Pageviews Will Increase. Ranking's Of Your Blog Will Also Increase. You Earn From Adsense Because Of Traffic. Even They Dont Click On Ads. Google Will Pay You On The Basis Of Impressions. Follow Seo Tips To Increase Traffic & Rankings Of Your Blog. Our Help Is Always Available For You. Below Are Some Recommended Posts For You.

Why Google Will Block Your Adsense Account!

There Are Several Reasons Behind The Closure Of Adsense Account. Google Has Outlined Most Common Reasons. Some Of The Common Reasons Are Invalid Activity And Privacy Violation. First We Will Discuss About Invalid Activity. Below Are Some Common Reasons Under Invalid Activity.

1. Invalid Activity Common Reasons

  1. Click On Your Own Adsense Ads
  2. Automated Or Bot Traffic
  3. Incentivized Traffic Source
  4. Manipulating How Ads Are Served
  5. Embedding Ads In Applications
  6. Asking Readers For Clicking On Your Ads
  7. Generating Accidential Clicks

2. Policy Violations

  1. Adult Or Pornographic Content
  2. User-Generated Content
  3. Violation Of Webmaster Guidelines
  4. Deceptive Ad Placement
  5. Illegal Content
  6. Copyright Infringement

Extras From Author

We Described Few Of Main Reasons And Requirements For Getting Approved Google Adsense Account. MBS Recommend You, Before Applying For Adsense. Increase Traffic Of Your Blog More And More. I Will Say As You Can. Because, Without Traffic, Adsense Is Nothing. Apply For Adsense, When Your Site Is Eligible For Generating Money From Adsense Ads. You Dont Need Hundred Views. You Need Thousand's Of Daily Readers For Your Blog. For More Help About Adsense. Visit Google Answers Or Ask Us. We Are Available Everytime To Help You. For More Tips, Tricks And Tweaks Subscribe MBS.


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