28 March 2013

How To Get Facebook AppID or API Key

Facebook Has Many Of The Awesome Widgets. Which Are Available For Every Person, Free Of Cost. For Example, Facebook Like Box, Activity Feed, Follow Button Etc. If You Use Facebook Widgets And Utilities. Then You Need Facebook AppID. Because, AppID Is Required In Some Of The Facebook Widgets. Such As Facebook Comments Widget, Facebook Login And Some Other Widgets Like These. Facebook AppID Is Also Called API Key. AppID Is Just A Code Provided By Facebook. Today, We Are Going To Learn About, How To Get Facebook AppID For Using Facebook Widgets. Its Quite Easy To Get AppID.

How To Create AppID Or API Key

Just Follow Simple Steps Below.
  1. Go To Facebook Developers.
  2. Fill A Little Form, Which Is Opened In Popup Box. Like Below Picture.

Facebook AppID

  1. Now A Security Check Will Be Opened. Enter Captcha Code And Hit Continue Button.
  2. Now Go To Apps To Check Your Created Apps. Apps Will Be Shown On Left Side.

Facebook AppID

  1. Click On Your App. Which You Created Now.
  2. You Can See Information About Your App There. You Can Also See AppID/API Key There.

Facebook AppID

  1. Congratulations!
You Have Got AppID. Now You Can Use It Anywhere You Want, Anywhere You Need.

Edit AppID To Explore

You Can Edit AppID To Explore More Options. There Are Several Other Options Available In AppID.

  1. Click On Edit Settings Link.

Edit AppID

  1. Now Detailed Options Page Will Be Opened. See Example Below:

AppID Options

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