25 March 2013

How To Add Favicon To Your Blog

Favicon Changing
Favicon Stands For Favorite Icon. It Is An Icon. Which Appears On The Left Side Of A Tab Of A Browser. Browsers Show Favicon In The Address Bar And Next To The Page's Name In List Of Bookmarks. In Blogger Blogs, As Blogger Has Default Nav-Bar. Is Also Has A Default Favicon For All Blogger Blogs. But, If You Want Your Website To Look Unique From Others. It Also Attracts Your Visitors. May Some Visitors Visit Back On Later Time Just For Viewing Your Favicon. You Should Also Replace Your Unique Favicon With Blogger's Default Favicon. You Can Put Or Add Many Types Of Favicons To Your Blog. In The Shape Of Scrolling Images Or Simple Images. In Today's Post, We Are Going To Learn About Adding Your Favourite Favicon To Your Blog.


You Will Have To Design Favicon. Which You Want To Place Beside The Name Of Your Blog. Favicon Should Be 16px Or 16px*16px In Size. Its Size Should Be Less Than 100kb.

How To Add Favicon To Your Blog

Its Simple To Add Favicon To Your Blog. Just Follow Simple Step Below To Place It.
  1. Go To Blogger > Layout.
  2. Edit Favicon Widget.

Favicon Replacing

  1. Widget Will Be Opened In Mini Window Like Following Picture.

Upload Favicon

  1. Click Browse Button And Choose Your Favicon And Then Click Save Button.
  2. Your Favicon Is Uploaded. Take A Look At Below Pictures.

Uploaded Favicon

Favicon Changing
This Is How Your Favicon Will Appear In Browser


Favicon Is Successfully Added To Your Blog. If It's Not Appearing Yet In Browser. Then Dont Worry And Dont Try To Remove It. It Can Take Some Time To Appear In Browsers. So, You Should Have To Wait Till The Appearance Of Favicon. Enjoy And Keep Visitng MBS. Join And Subscribe.

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