18 March 2013

What Are Meta Tags? - How, Why And Where To Use Meta Tags

What Are Meta Tags?
Meta Tags Are Also Called Meta Elements. Meta Elements Are Basically Html Tags Which Are Used To Specify Structured Meta Data About A Web Page. Meta Data Is Information About Stored Data On A Site. Meta Tags Are Not Shown On Web Page. But These Tags Are Readable By Machines. Meta Tags Are Used To Specify Keywords, Description, Last Modified, Author Of The Site And Any Other Metadata. Meta Tags Are Either Used To Emulate The Use Of Http Response Or To Embed The Additional Metadata Inside The Html. User Can Use Meta Tags To Specify, How To Diplay Data, When To Refresh The Web Page Automatically And For Many Other Purposes Like This. This Article Is Short. Because, We Are Going To Learn Only About Meta Tags.

How Meta Tags Looks Like?

Meta Tags Start With <meta>. It Dont Have Closing Tag. We Have To Type A Forward Slash In The <meta> Tag. Just Before Finishing Greater Than Sign. See Example Below:
<meta name="author" content="Assees Ahmed Dar" />

Attributes For Meta Tags

In Html Including Html 4.01, There Were Four Attributes. Which Are As Follows:
  1. name
  2. scheme
  3. content
  4. http-equiv

But, In Html5, There Are 5 Attributes. One New Attribute Is Added In Meta Tag. Which Is Below:

Where To Use Meta Tags?

Meta Tags Are Typically Used Under <head> Tag. You Can Add Meta Tags Just Before </head> Closing Head Tag.

Examples Of Meta Tags

There Are Some Examples Of Meta Tags Which Are Shown Below. Take A Look On Examples Below.
<meta name="description" content="Seo Tips, Blogging, Html, Css Widget And Much More" />
<meta name="keywords" content="Seo Tips, Blogger Widgets, Blogger Templates, Blogging Tips"  />
<meta name="author" content="Assees Ahmed Dar" />
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30" />
<meta charset="UTF-8" />

Which Meta Tags Are Recommended & You Should Use Them

<meta content='Write Description Here' name='Description'/>
<meta content='Write Keywords Here' name='Keywords'/>
<meta content='Assees Ahmed Dar' name='Author'/>

  1. Write A Short Description About Your Blog
  2. Write Keywords Related To Your Blog. Keywords Should Be Seperated By A Comma( , ).
  3. Replace Your Name With My Name.

Note: Copy And Paste Meta Tags Just Below <head> Tag. Write Descriptive And Suitable Keywords In Meta Tags. Your Description Should Contain 70 To 160 Characters (Spaces Included). For Counting Characters. Use Our Character Counter Tool.

Benefits Of Meta Tags? Why To Use?

There Are Many Benefits Of Meta Tags. Its Recommended Step In Seo By MBS. Add Suitable Meta Tags To Increase The Performance Of Your Blog. Keep Reading Below Few Benefits Of Using Meta Tags In Your Blog.
  1. Search Engines Will Know What Your Blog Is About And Will Also Provide Result You Blog In Result To Peoples Who Will Use Keywords. Which You Have Specified In Meta Tags Of Your Blog.
  2. You Will Get High Traffic From Search Engines.
  3. This Is Also A Seo Tip To Improve Performance Of Your Blog.
  4. Your Blog Will Be Indexed In Search Engines Fast.
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