16 April 2013

Google Upgraded I'm Feeling Lucky Button

I'm Feeling Lucky Upgraded
Google Makes Changes In Its Look, In Its Features And Many Other Tools Provided By Itself. On Some Occasions, You Might Have Seen Changes In Google Homepage. For Example, On Independence Day Of Pakistan, Google Showed Picture Of Minar-E-Pakistan On Its Homepage. It Also Create And Shows Its Different Logos On Easter, Christmas And Many Other Occasions. But Yet This Time, Google Made Changes In I'm Feeling Lucky Button. Whenever You Have Visited Google. You Type Something To Search In Search Box And Then You Press Google Search Button Or You Hit Enter Button On Keyboard. You Might Have Seen I'm Feeling Lucky Button Beside Google Search Button. Google Made Changes In It.

What Is The Working Of I'm Feeling Lucky Button?

Google Is Number One Search Engine In The World These Days. Millions Of Peoples Use Google To Search Many Things. Mostly, Peoples Use To Type Required Thing Inside The Search Box And They Use To Press Google Search Button To Search Topic. But Have You Ever Think About A Button Beside The Google Search Button. Which Is Called I'm Feeling Lucky. No? I'm Feeling Lucky Is Just A Simple Button Like Google Search. But, The Working of This Button Is A Bit Different From Google Search Button. Google Search Button Is Used To Search A Topic And Google Gives You A Lot Of Website With That Topic. While, Pressing I'm Feeling Lucky Is Will Take You To That Page.
For Example, If You Type "White House" In Search Box And Then Hit I'm Feeling Lucky Button. Then You Will Straight Go To http://www.whitehouse.gov/.

What Up-gradations Made In I'm Feeling Lucky Button?

If You Visit Google Homepage And Hover On I'm Feeling Lucky Button. You Will See, The Text Of Button Will Spin In Different Emotions. See Picture Below:

I'm Feeling Lucky Upgraded
On Hover

I'm Feeling Lucky

 For Example.
  • I'm Feeling Trendy
  • I'm Feeling Doodley
  • I'm Feeling Puzzled
  • I'm Feeling Artistic

1. I'm Feeling Trendy

Pressing On I'm Feeling Trendy Will Take You To News Websites With Latest Trends. You Can Stay Update With New Trends There.

2. I'm Feeling Doodley

I'm Feeling Doodley Option Will Straight Take You To Doodles. Doodles Are Google Logos Created In Different Designs On Different Occasions Such Independence Day Of A Country, Christmas Etc. For Example, Google First Time Designed Independence Day Logo Of Pakistan. Which Is Below:

Google Pakistan Logo

3. I'm Feeling Puzzled

This Option Will Take You To AGoogleADay Page. Where You Can Play. It Will Ask Different Question. Giving Correct Answer Will Increase You Rankings. You Can Sign In Using Google+ Profile.

4. I'm Feeling Artistic

Artistic Option Is For Art. Art Lovers Can Use This Option To Have A Good Time. You Can Find Different Kinds Of Art Related Pictures In This Portion.

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