19 April 2013

Add Google+ Comment Box To Your Blog

Google Plus Comments
Reading And Responding To Comments Of Reader On Your Blog Is Most Important And Rewarding Aspect In Blogging. It Helps You To Connect With Your Reader And To Talk With Them. They Can Share Their Problems About Content With You And Also Can Share Reviews On Posts Through Comments. Before We Shared A Post On Replacing Old Blogger Comment System With Discuss Comments Widget. In This Post We Are Talking About Google+ Commenting. Now You Can Use Google+ Comments Instead Of Old Commenting System On Your Blog. Indeed, It Is A Great Feature Introduced By Blogger Recently. Readers Of Your Blog Will See Google+ Comment Box Instead Of Old Blogger Comment Box. Reader Can Comment Using Their Google+ Profile On Your Blog Now.

What's The Benefit Of Using Google+ Comment System?

There Are Many Benefits Of Using Google+ Comment Box On The Place Of Old Blogger Comment Box. Readers Can Comment Using Google+ Profile. Every Blogger And Also Other Peoples Use Google+. So, Readers Will Feel Comfortable To Leave A Comment On Your Blog. When You Are Browsing Your Blog's Comment Threads. You Will Be Able To See Activity From Direct Visitors And From People Talking About Your Content On Google+. If Peoples Are Discussing On One Of Your Blog's Entries On Google+. That Discussion Will Also Be Shown On Your Blog In The Shape Of Comments. By Using This Great Feature, You Can Engage With Your Readers And Visitors On Your Blog.

How To Add Google+ Commenting Box To Your Blog

Its Easy To Add Google+ Commenting Box. Follow Simple Steps Below To Add This New Google+ Feature To Your Blog.
  1. Go To Blogger > Google+.
You Can See Window Like Below Picture.

Google Plus Comments

  1. Now Tick Use Google+ Comments on this blog Option.

Google Plus Comments

You Are Done. Open Any Post Of Your Website. You Will Be Able To See Changes In Comment Box.

Google Plus Comments

So, How's New Google+ Comment Box And This Whole Feature. Tell Us Through Comments.

Make It Easy For Readers To Do Comment & Connect With Their Circles

Readers Of Your Blog Now Can Comment Publicly Or Privately On Google+. Whenever Your Readers Are Browsing Comments On Your Blog. They Can See All Of Them Or Only From The Peoples In Their Circles. You And Your Readers Can View All Comments Of Which They Have Permission To See. Enjoy New Commenting Way. Join And Subscribe MBS To Get More And Latest Updates.


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