13 May 2013

Introduction To Locking And Unlocking Widgets In Blogger

Blogging Widget Locking UnlockingWidgets Make Look Of Your Blog Better. You Can Add Different Type Of Widgets To Your Blog Related To Different Categories And Which Suits Your Blog. Blogger Widgets Are Easy To Manage. User Can Move, Edit And Remove Widgets. You Might Have Seen That Some Widgets Are Not Removable. Those Widgets Are Locked Widgets. They Can't Be Removed By User. Header Widget And Attribution Widgets Are Example Of Locked Widgets. Unlocked Widgets Are Those Widgets, Which Can Be Easily Removed By Users.

A Short Introduction!

Locking And Unlocking Widgets Is Used For Different Purposes. For Example, If A Template Designer Designs A Template And Then He Puts An Widget Inside It. Now, He Don't Want That This Widget Should Be Removed By Users From Template. So, He Must Lock That Widget. In Other Terms, The User Have To Unlock That Widget To Remove It. Locking And Unlocking Widget Is Described Below. That How Can A Person Lock Or Unlock A Widget.

1. Locking A Widget

Header And Attribution Widgets Are The Example Of Locked Widgets. Users Can't Remove And Move These Widgets. Continue Reading Below To Know How To Lock An Widget.
  1.  Go To Blogger > Template.
  2. Find Widget, Which You Have To Lock.

Locked Widget

  1. locked='true' Is Used To Lock An Widget.
  2. The Above Widget Is Example Of Locked Widget.
  3. See Effects Of Locked Widget Below. A Locked Widget Can't Be Moved Or Removed.

Locked Widget Effects

The Above Widget Is Header Widget. You Can See, It Has No Option Of Removing. It Just Has Save And Cancel Options.

2. Unlocking A Widget

If The User Is Not Able To Remove Or Move A Widget From Template. Then He Will Unlock It From Template Code Using Below Method.
  1. Go To Blogger > Template.
  2. Choose The Widget, Which You Want To Remove In Template Using Jump to widget Option.

Unlocked Widget

  1. We Just Changed locked='true' Into locked='false'.
  2. Now The Widget Is Unlocked And Can Be Moved And Removed Easily.
  3. Below Is The Example Of Unlocked Widget. See Effects Of Unlocking.

Unlocked Widget Effects

The Above Widget Is Header Widget. We Have Applied Unlocking Method. Now You Can See Remove Button Inside This Widget. Now This Widget Can Be Easily Removed And It Can Also Be Moved.

Extras From Author!

Today We Shared A Short Introduction About Locking And Unlocking Widgets In Blogger. Hope It Was Easy And We Described. Need Any Type Of Help In This Tutorial. Ask In Comments. For Further Tutorials And Tips Related To Blogging. Join And Subscribe Us.


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